What i have been doing this week!. 3/6/20

We have been doing design challenges every friday and my favorite so far was the one that we have to put in steps on how to make it. And we have been doing more units i’m almost done with unit Evaluating source quality i have learned that when your on a source you should be care . I have been working on level 2 for Evaluating source quality. We went to blue mountain on friday. It was so fun!. And my favorite part of the blue mountain trip was when we went down the hill with our tube!.

What i have been doing the past week!.

On Monday I have been working on a classroom design and we watched a video to help us think of something for our school design here is the link!. On tuesday we worked on the same thing and on wednesday to. Thursday we have to work on a slide show to show to the class and on friday we the CDT test and the CDT test stands for Classroom,Diagnostic,Tools. That is all i did for this whole week come back next time!.

I will be showing you what I have been doing!. 1/31/20

I have finished three more units (Chinese New Year, Effective Speaking and Dispositions) and I have been doing my resolution of not trying to read that much. It has been working well!. I have great news too, I finally caught up with the units but I don’t know if i should make projects for them. We also conferenced with Mr. Beyer and Mr. Ecker about our grades. I’ll update again next week.